MHAC is concerned that military drone operations are being supported by intelligence gathered by US military bases in the UK. There is good evidence to believe that drone strikes exacerbate tensions and facilitate the recruitment of militants. The noise from drones flying over areas for long periods of time is a source of stress to all living in the area. Drone pilots are now being reported as suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, possibly because they exposed to high definition pictures of the damage caused in strikes to people, animals and homes.

Article in INTERCEPT on 17th July 2018: 

See also the Parliamentary Reports on the use of drones for Targeted Killing Second Report 2015 - 2016.

A further report was released in 2016 - 2017 which reported little progress in clarifying the government's position. 

Flow charts explaining the legal decision making process for lethal drone strikes are here.

The United States plans to start flying drones out of the UK, probably from RAF Fairford, in 2024. There is a useful report from Drone Wars. The surveillance carried out at Menwith Hill is likely to be involved in targeting these drone.


MHAC Supporters Meeting

10 am on Friday 28th July 2023


Agenda will include a review of the 4th July, what do we do next year?

Fly Kites not drones

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10am on 28th July 2023

A review meeting to consider how the event on 4 July 2023 went.

Did all speakers and musicians arrive?

Did anyone from the base turn up to collect the letter to the Director?

Any merchandise sold?

What was the lay-by like as a venue?

All feed back very welcome.

This meeting will be on Zoom.

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A song by Mistahi

This song goes out to all those who are opposed to the illegal, immoral, murderous, and violent drone warfare program of the United States.

The House of Lords and the House of Commons's Joint Committee on Human Rights.

It is called "The Government's policy on the use of drones for targeted killing". This is the second report of session 2015 - 16.


MHAC Supporters Meeting

11am on 9th December 2021 on Zoom

Roundup of actions and recent events

Report on Launch of 3D Report

Seeking offers of support with the work of MHAC

You are very welcome to participate.

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