AGREED on 28th October 2017 at a meeting held at Carlton Hill Quaker Meeting House, 188 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9DX

Name The name of the Group shall be the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign.

Aims The aims of the Group shall be to:

  • raise awareness of the nature and magnitude of the US military presence at Menwith Hill, near Harrogate, North Yorkshire;
  • raise awareness of Menwith Hill in relation to the nature, magnitude and consequences of the US military presence outside the United States;
  • demand that any US military activity or US security agency activity carried out at Menwith Hill be done in such a way as to be fully accountable to the UK Government and to comply with UK and International Law;
  • challenge the legitimacy of the presence and role of the US visiting forces and their agencies, with the ultimate aim of the total removal of the US military and surveillance bases from the UK;
  • liaise with and support other groups working towards the same aims both within the UK and around the world.

Our focus is on Menwith Hill. The group is not anti-American nor anti-individual Americans but is concerned with Menwith Hill as a US military and surveillance base in the UK.

Activities The aims of MHAC will be carried out through a variety of activities, which will vary from time to time.

The activities of MHAC currently include:

  • maintaining the weekly Tuesday evening demonstration at Menwith Hill (which also involves questioning the laws invoked by the Ministry of Defence Police and North Yorkshire Police to police the demonstration);
  • producing a newsletter;
  • monitoring relevant planning applications;
  • arranging specific events such as Independence from America on or about 4th July and an event in Keep Space for Peace Week;
  • maintaining a website;
  • using other social media as resources allow.

Future activities could include:

  • producing and distributing leaflets;
  • raising relevant Parliamentary Questions through Members of Parliament;
  • undertaking and/or commissioning research relevant to the aims of MHAC.

Way of working As a peace organisation MHAC should base its activities on non-violence, treating one another and those with whom we are in contact with respect and dignity, even if we disagree about the views being expressed. As a campaigning organisation we should seek to base our campaigns on well-researched and evidence-based material.

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