Raising public awareness, scrutiny and accountability of American bases in the UK. Activity undertaken on US Military Bases whether by the military themselves or by the US National Security Agency (NSA) is not overseen by the UK Parliament even though the bases are named as RAF Bases and have a named UK military officer named as "Base Commander". In reality the UK's Base Commander has a very limited role and does not command the US personnel.


After a simple lunch help review what MHAC did in 2019 and help the planning for 2020.

A major item is the collaboration with CND on updating our research and a possible publication.

The planning for 4th July 2020 has to start now. There are several other issues that also need careful discussion, please come and join in.

Meeting to be held at: 

12 Montagu Place




All welcome to this planning meeting of the Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign.

Venue         Otley Court House

Time           12.30 - 14.30 hrs

Date            Saturday  24th August 2019

Start with a bring and share lunch.

Agenda will include -

Finance & Funding

Research project with CND

Website and other social media

Publicity and newsletters

Keep Space for Peace demonstration in October

3rd August 2017


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