Raising public awareness, scrutiny and accountability of American bases in the UK. Activity undertaken on US Military Bases whether by the military themselves or by the US National Security Agency (NSA) is not overseen by the UK Parliament even though the bases are named as RAF Bases and have a named UK military officer named as "Base Commander". In reality the UK's Base Commander has a very limited role and does not command the US personnel.


Independence from America 2024

4th July 2024

Location :   Kettlesing Layby on A59 near Menwith Hill.

Presentations, drama, music, information and a chance to meet people concerned about Menwith Hill and other Peace issues.

Come along and take part.

Enquiries welcome at: mail@themhac.uk 


Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign Supporters' Meeting

10am on Thursday 14 March 2024

on Zoom.

All welcome.

Requests for items to be on the agenda can be sent to mail@themhac.uk 

Links to the meeting can be requested at  mail@themhac.uk 



MHAC Supporter's Meeting

10am Thursday 8 February 2024

on Zoom. Link available from mail@themhac.uk 

Agenda will include:

Update on Tuesday evening protest / peace witness

Special events in 2024

Planning for 4 July 2024

Main Gates to be re-opened

Increasing our supporters


All are welcome

Pentagon operations often use military speak to hide that they o


Supporters Meeting on Tuesday 9th January 2024

10am on Zoom

Review of activity in 2023

Plan for actions in 2024

Seek additional support on Tuesday evenings

Plan for 4th July 2024

Menwith Trail guide

Menwith links to Israel and Gaza situation

Any other news and updates


If you want to participate please send an email to mail@themhac.uk