A major five-year project to upgrade infrastructure at RAF Menwith Hill is planned.

North Yorkshire County Council pension fund invests £15m in arms companies that have built weapons for the deadly Saudi Arabia-led bombing campaign in Yemen.

This is a far greater scandal than the parties in Downing Street. In a just world, it would prove the downfall of our prime minister.

Harry Dunn’s alleged killer, Anne Sacoolas, will no longer face a court hearing, to enable “ongoing discussions” with the Crown Prosecution Service to continue.

Kit Klarenberg's article reviews some of the information known about Menwith Hill in the light of a new planning application to build a large windowless container in a secure compound within the base. In the absence of firm information we can only speculate what the new compound is for.

On 18 March 2019 an American F-15E dropped a 500 pound bomb on the Syrian town of Baghuz. This was followed shortly afterwards by another bomb, this time a 2,000 pound bomb. At least 80 people died, the majority were civilians.

Planning Application to Harrogate District Council

Application is here

The House of Lords and the House of Commons's Joint Committee on Human Rights.

It is called "The Government's policy on the use of drones for targeted killing". This is the second report of session 2015 - 16.