US Military Deployment on Cyprus

The US military presence on Cyprus is increasing. Numbers involved are kept secret.

Information available from "Declassified".

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US Air Force Deployment in Britain is third largest in the world.

24th March 2022

Statement made by the Ukrainian Pacifist Movement

North Yorkshire County Council pension fund invests £15m in arms companies that have built weapons for the deadly Saudi Arabia-led bombing campaign in Yemen.

This is a far greater scandal than the parties in Downing Street. In a just world, it would prove the downfall of our prime minister.

Kit Klarenberg's article reviews some of the information known about Menwith Hill in the light of a new planning application to build a large windowless container in a secure compound within the base. In the absence of firm information we can only speculate what the new compound is for.

On 18 March 2019 an American F-15E dropped a 500 pound bomb on the Syrian town of Baghuz. This was followed shortly afterwards by another bomb, this time a 2,000 pound bomb. At least 80 people died, the majority were civilians.

12 November 2021