Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign to be launched

12 November 2021

The Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign (MHAC) exists to draw attention to the large surveillance base near Harrogate and to call for its activities to be made accountable to the UK Government. Accountability to the local communities, Harrogate District Council and North Yorkshire Council would be desirable. Accountability is needed because the information collected and processed at Menwith Hill is used to facilitate lethal drone strikes (targeted killings) and the existence of the largest US surveillance base outside of North America makes it a target for any pre-emptive military strike in the event of conflict between USA and any other party.

MHAC works by:

  • seeking information about the activities carried out at Menwith Hill,
  • raising awareness with leaflets, newsletters and a website,
  • having regular demonstrations by the Main Gates of Menwith Hill,
  • co-operating with other campaigning organisations,
  • lobbying local and national politicians,
  • arranging special events relevant to its objectives,
  • having regular supporters’ meetings,
  • supporting research on Menwith Hill and its activities.

MHAC welcomes people to:

  • join our Tuesday evening demonstrations which witness for peace,
  • read our leaflets and newsletters,
  • view our website,
  • comment on newsletters and the website, (if you think we have something wrong please tell us.)
  • supply relevant information about the activities of Menwith Hill,
  • join in our supporters meetings,
  • lobby your Member of Parliament to call for accountability,
  • offer help with the website,
  • donate funds to maintain the campaign.                                                                         
  • All offers of help can be directed by email to

MHAC recognises and appreciates the campaigning work done previously by others including Otley Peace Action, Peace Camps and the Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (CAAB). CAAB was founded by Lindis Percy and Anni Rainbow and continued until 2016. Since then Lindis Percy has done a great deal to raise awareness of the unaccountable nature of US military activity in the UK and around the world in her personal capacity.

Hazel, Sarah & Martin




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