Independence from America Event 2022

2nd July 2022

Independence from America event 2022

Location: Main Gates of Menwith Hill

2pm on Saturday 2nd July 2022.

Annual event calling for an end to US Military Occupation of the UK. The event will draw attention to the concerns around one of the world's largest surveillance bases in Yorkshire.

The programme is still being developed so if you have contributions or ideas about what should be on the programme please contact 

All are welcome.

Come and meet others concerned about working for a more peaceful world.


Menwith Hill and the US

Oh diddums are you a nuclear target for the Russians ?

I live in Greater London, we used to be a target for 4 Soviet nukes. The solution isn't to remove the targets numpty. It is to strengthen the UK's Nuclear Deterrent, max Trident warheads out, 192 per boat. Certify the F35A as nuclear capable for the B61 or ALCM. SLCM for the Astutes SSN. Get the total UK warheads up to 600.

We are in Cold War 2, go to 5% GDP, place BAOR in Estonia ? restart Challenger production, increase RN surface fleet, accelerate F35 delivery. Sellafield has 139 tons of Plutonium get Aldermaston busy making warheads.

Your solution to give up is a bad choice. I prefer the iron fist in the iron glove.

Simon Alford
Nuclear targets

Simon Alford is following the often expressed view. Namely the best deterrence is a stronger military response which may well lead to Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD). A more sustainable solution is working for peace. It is hard and dangerous work, strongly opposed by the arms manufacturers. There are a number of useful and well tried tools that can be used to build peace. The tools include developing a real understanding of other nations, diplomacy and cultural exchanges that build human links between people. Think outside the box and try to see the reasons for conflict in other ways. The best peace work is done during times when there is no conflict and prevent it arising. We need courage to think afresh.

Martin Schweiger

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