MHAC and Keep Space for Peace Week 2020.

With only a limited presence possible at Menwith Hill Base or Fylingdales, MHAC joined together with Yorkshire CND to organise an on- line event at 2pm on Saturday 10th October.

The webinar began with a live link to Menwith Hill where members of both organisations had assembled with banners and flags. A letter to the Chief of Station was handed in to the base.

The main speaker was Will Griffin of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space and a member of Veterans for Peace USA. In his work for the global Network, he has produced a series of films about US Bases around the world, including Menwith. He talked in broad terms about his involvement in the peace movement and about the role of the military in upholding capitalism, before showing part of the Menwith film and answering some questions from participants in the webinar.

The excellent YCND film about Fylingdales was then shown.  This film, made in 2019, is available on the YCND website. It explains the role of Fylingdales , which, unlike Menwith Hill, is a military base.

Further clarification about Yorkshire CND’s recent work and actions was supplied by Cath Bann.